Rules: 7 Card Stud

Each player antes and receives three cards, two face-down and one face-up as their starting hand. The player with the lowest card showing must start the action with the required forced bet, but may also bet a larger amount equal to the limit for the game.  If you are accustomed to the high card opening you may need to adjust your play slightly to compensate. The low card rule has been used in Las Vegas for many years because it stimulates more action.

Once the pot is opened the remaining players may call (match the bet), fold (throw their hand away), or raise (increase the amount of the bet). The first raise in all stud games always increases the size of the bet to the size of the limit for the game. On this round only, players may seemingly raise five times. The first raiseis merely completing the bet to the size of the limit. The next three cards, after the starting hand, are dealt face-up and there is a betting round after each card is received.

On fourth street, the fourth card dealt, the player with the highest hand showing will be first to act. This applies to all subsequent rounds as well. The player who is high starts the action.

Players may now check (make no bet but stay in), bet, raise (if there has been a bet) or fold. If a player is showing a pair on fourth street, the betting size is optional. He may bet the lower limit or the higher limit, otherwise the lower limit is still in force.

On fifth street, the fifth card dealt, the higher limit applies and players who wish to bet must now bet this amount. For example, in a $10-$20 limit game the player must now bet $20. The sixth card is delivered face-up and similar betting takes place.

The seventh and final card is delivered face-down. When betting is complete, the hands are shown and the player with the highest ranking five cards wins the pot.

Seven Card Stud High-Low is played using the Ace to Five Eight or Better rules. The pot is split between the best high and the best low hands, assuming there is a qualifying low hand. Odd chips are awarded to the high hand.

Seven Card Stud Tips

Start with pairs, three to a straight, three to a flush or three high cards.

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